Just inherited

Just inherited Mineral Rights from my grandmother. Does anyone know of any activity on these 80 acres in Payne? E/2 SE/4 Section 9 18N R2E. Thanks for any info

There are some new wells around you that look good. Does not look like anything in se/4. Are you leased?

Thanks Ron Not leased. Just got deed and have not yet filed with Payne County Clerk. Last history on deed was small payment to grandmother in late 90's by Sun. Then the one well on lease went dry. However with new technology, I'm hoping that someone will be interested.

Ron McKenzie said:

There are some new wells around you that look good. Does not look like anything in se/4. Are you leased?

There already is interest. I'll get you some more information.

Here is what they were ordered to offer in the section next to you .


I'll get you some well information around you.

Well completion test close to you .









Thanks for your help Ron. Guess I better get with attorney and file with County clerk

I'm in Texas so might be making trip to Stillwater. FYI: my great grandparents were in the land rush in 1889 making me a direct descendant of the original Sooners.

Ron McKenzie said:

There already is interest. I'll get you some more information.

You can mail deed to county clerk , she will file and send back to you. I do it all the time.

Thanks for the advice. Deed is still in grandmother's name so I assume I need to get lawyer to help get new one in my name? (as you can tell, I'm a novice at this)

Okla is a probate state. If you want to send me a friend request I'll give you my # and try to answer your questions about the deed and what is going on around you .

Just sent you a friend request. Thanks much

Thanks Ron will call after lunch

Ron or whoever else can help, my family has mineral rights in this area and has experienced lots of interest in either buying or leasing them. Our area is in section 4, T18N, Range 2E. Can you tell me what type of activity is going on around there and if you foresee a pooling order in the future. What have you heard about any new wells and or why such interest? I know horizontal drilling is coming to the area and did hear that there was a pretty good well nearby. Would the same operators of that well be able to frack all the way over to our area? I believe its across an entire section. We are trying to decide if we should sell or lease and need some assistance on our value. Thank you in advance!




Here are some poolings close by and what they were ordered to pay .



Here are some completion reports close to you , I posted some more above on July 3. I have an interest in 33-19n-2e . The section north of you.

Ron - I have some additional questions whether to sell or lease, can you friend me so we can email? thanks

Ron McKenzie said: