Just inherited mineral rights in Lea County

As the subject suggests, I inherited a couple plats of property whereby the surface land was sold, but the mineral rights passed on to me. I have been reading this web site to learn a little about what I do have and perhaps do not have. One of the plats actually had a well drilled on it in 1986 but shows to have been plugged in 1989.

I then went to the NM State Land Office interactive maps and looked up by both township/region (as shown on the deed I received) and API number. Both showed this being an "active oil well".

My first thought is, my dad, whom I inherited this from I'm quite sure, never received any royalty checks. Further, not long after the probate on his estate was done, I was contacted by a company wanting to lease my mineral rights. I have not signed any lease as I want to educate myself a little bit first.

So, I suppose what I'll do is call the NMSLO and verify whether or not this is actually an active well or not. I would think they will be looking at the same information I looked at so that may not be helpful. Do any of you on this forum have any other advice you would be willing to impart? I don't live that far from that part of the state so I suppose I could go out there and see if there is a pump jack on it....

Any suggestions much appreciated!

Rick Yates