Just Inhereted a Mineral Rights Deed

OK, so I am a new to this, but I just inherited a mineral rights to 700 acres in Jefferson county, Any informational websites would be appreciated.


Cathy, is there any production on this land or around this land? You can look this up on the texas railroad commission website.

Next, did you inherit some or all of the minerals on this teact? Often, i see people who think they own all but actually they own all of what was bequeathed to them but that was subject to prior reservations.

I would be happy to walk you through how to educate yourself as to what you have.



A. Hotchkiss Survey is also known as Abstract 31. When asking about this minerals acreage in the future refer to it as Jefferson County Texas A-31. On the GIS(Geographic Information Survey)Map I see where several dry holes have been drilled in the past. I see where there are numerous plugged oil and gas wells. Also in the surrounding area there are some producing wells. The wells that have produced seem to be short life wells.

Well # 245-32403/gas well /A-31/Drilled by Square Mile Energy/ June 2005/ permitted for 9,000'/ Directional bore/Plugged March 2010.

Well # 245-31206/oil well/permitted for 11,500'/ completed June 1978

Well # 245-32567/oil well/A-31/ Completion report shows 181 Barrel Oil Per Day/117,000 MCF(Thousand Cubic Feet) gas per day/Completed Dec. 2009


Well # 245-32324/gas well/A-31/permitted for 10,870'/Completed Nov.2002

GIS Map of Jefferson County, Texas A-31/A. Hotchkiss Survey:

Clint Liles