Just found out I inherited about 10 net mineral acres

As stated above I have just found out about this and was apporched about a lease. It came from Plains Exploration. I havent recieved an offer yet. I was wandering what the going rate for bonuses was around the Karnes City area was. The land is just off of Hwy 99. Also if anyone has dealt with Plains Exploration I would like some input on that too. Im new and trying to do my research before I jump into anything. Thanks ahead of time for any input.



You need to also post this under Karnes County, Texas which can be found by clicking on "Groups" above and follow to "County Groups" ; go to Texas and click on Karnes County. This site has several members which have mineral interests in Karnes County and possibly someone can give you information on the current bonus/acre rate for that area.

Thank you Charles it didn’t dawn on me to post in other sections I appreciate it

Hi! Hope you are a bit of a detective! The info is out there and a lot of it you can get to via the Texas Railroad Commission. Our property is 300+miles away in Dawson Co. TX so I have been utilizing the TX RRC web site a whole lot. The folks have been most helpful, and I have found the site very easy to navigate. Just type in your browser Texas Railroad Commission and click on the site that most pertains to your interest. If you need help, let me know. www.rrc.state.tx.us/data/online/index.php

I have just checked that site and learned that Plains Exploration Inc. has 30+ working permits in Karnes Co. from, 5/12/2011 - 6/3/2011 Horizontal drilling -deepest drill is 13800' This is just to let you know a little of the info available. You will need info off of the lease, so have that handy.

..PLAINS EXPLORATION & PROD. CO. (667862) You will need their operator # 667862 for research..You can also learn more about any company at the RRC site.This is one amazing site.

Another site I have found helpful is TAXNET.USA. That site allows you to check for real property owner by various entries and has helped me locate persons of interest to my case.

I just love doing this kind of research and hope you find it rewarding too. Happy hunting!!

Thank you Neva this site was a big help.