Just found out I am an heir but no physical proof NEED ADVICE

I was contacted by an oil and gas attorney about being an heir to some land from my grandmother that I did not know I had. The area is known to be rich in minerals. What would be your advice as the attorney contacted me and asked if I was interested in selling. Yet I don't have proof that I am an heir although I am the only living grandchild along with my brother that it would go to. Please advise... Here is the email that was sent to us: (I have removed names for sake of privacy)

Mr. xxxxx,

I am looking for heirs of xxxxxx xxxxx from Natchitoches, Louisiana. I work with a landowner who owns near where xxxx xxxx (grandmother) owned near (street address). I ran across an "my name" when researching heirs and wanted to see if you were the same.

If you are an heir, please give me a call at your convenience. If I am not in the office, feel free to try my cell phone.


(attorney's name)

My father and mother are both deceased yet my father (my grandmother's son) is not on my birth certificate and we have not been able to get a copy of his death certificate because of that. We know that she wanted the land to go to us and have proof through relatives but apparently this attorney has some solid proof that we want to know about. He may be working with this other person that we found out is trying to get ownership of the land. This "person" the attorney states he is working with just happens to be the next door neighbor to my grandmother's land who happens to be the "person" that is trying to get ownership of the land. She has been deceased since 2009 and apparently this "person" has been trying to get this land since but is running into some type of problem getting the land. The land is still listed under my grandmother's name. It is 86 acres total. Please give us some advice on what to do. Thanks!

M Davis

I suppose you could start a quiet title action and if nobody came forward to dispute your claim you could gain clear title and do what you will with the property. That is the course I would take if you have no clear documentation to your heirship. Consult a lawyer.

I am thinking about consulting an attorney also to subpoena the documentation this other attorney has found. We are going through all kinds of records and everything. We do not want this land to go to someone outside of our family.

The other attorney may not have any solid documentation, the other parties may be satisfied that they know you own the property and be willing to buy it from you on the basis of affidavits of heirship, at which point you are back where you started because there is no document to subpoena. If you go to court with a quiet title action you will be solidifying your title and if it's like other places perfecting your title in a couple of years. Trying to compel an attorney to give you something that you can not describe exactly isn't as simple as it may seem, and if you could describe it in detail, you probably wouldn't need it from them. What could they possibly be in posession of that you could not turn up in a search of public record ?

Ms.Davis, Please keep in mind that if someone is wanting to buy they have an eye for future profits. As you learn more about what you may or may not own you might find your minerals are worth more if you can lease them and collect a bonus payment and production royalties. SELLER BEWARE!

M Davis

Dont sell it has taken my sister and I about 2 years to clear title and heirship issues,and as said before it will be worth the work.! Good luck

Thanks everyone! I contacted an attorney and we are going from there. Is the owner of this website an attorney also?