Jose Antonio Chireno Survey A-17

My friend who lives out of state has mineral rights in this area. I’m doing the research legwork.
Does anyone have current information other than the previous thread of Dec 23, 2023. I will be visiting the area Friday July 5, 2024.

Not knowing what the thread says, here is a map. Do you have a particular question? “any current information” is too vague.

Too vague….ok. Is any Operator drilling on, or under within 1500’ of Tract 27, 4.00 acres, Jose Antonio Chireno Survey, Nacogdoches County, Texas?

Sorry, but I haven’t learned how to read your map. The red stars are drilling rigs?? The black lines appear to be horizontal drilling?? I’m a newbie.

The survey information is from AethonEnergy plat map. The Sadie unit. ………forgot to mention “A-17” attached to the name of the survey.

Where do I go to learn how to read your map M_Barnes?

Texas GIS Viewer. Link to Viewer MK

The red stars are gas wells. Use the Texas GIS link from Mikro to zoom in close enough to see if your tract is under those wells or completely separate.

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I found from the Aethon drilling map that they have run 3 lines under our 4.00 acres. Is this a solid case for “rule of capture”? if so, I suppose since Aethon has never contacted us about leasing, I could ask another Operator if they want to drill down our property. Hmmm, wouldn’t that create a mess.

Better contact the Division Order department of Aetheon first to see if you should be in pay statuts.

thanks…“M”. I will see if they answer the phone Friday after July 4th.

Martha, “Texas GIS link from Mikro”. I still can’t zero in on the property. My search of Mikro came up short relating to land. Could you navigate me a bit more?

The Chireno Survey A-17 is a huge Spanish land grant and you’re looking for information on a 4 acre tract?

If you have the plat, can you scan it because I am also having a hard time finding the Tract 27 or the Sadie unit. Is is a plat to drill or already drilled? If it is drilled, is it called the Sadie Gas Unit? Drilled n 2012? It is a gas well.

Correct. You are viewing “fresh” replies on this thread. Most of the replies (13) are grouped under my first Post of July 3rd. Your question/statement answer lies there. I wish the Forum Administrator would display all responses, and not “hide” them.

Ooops, I meant that reply to Phil; not Martha.

You will need a magnifying glass.

I will be calling Aethon on Monday. They were closed July 5th.

Zooming in on your plat and using a different subscription, it looks like you may already have a well called Silver Hammer - Sadie B 3H. It was spud in 2023 and completed April 1, 2024. Currently shut in-probably waiting on gas prices to rise a bit more. Also might have Barbo - Sgt Pepper B 2HB. It is online.

Looks like another well called Barbo- Sgt Pepper A 1H has a permit. Carthage Field Hayneville Shale. Best thing is to call the operator!

I zoomed in for you.

the latest. the Operator’s Analyst is studying the claim of mineral rights ownership by/for my friend. in a 'discovery call" to my friend’s attorney, he said he does not need to get involved yet.
So, we are waiting for the “pot to boil”.