Joint Ownership of MR

My grandmother willed her and my grandfather’s 25% mineral rights interest to me, my aunts, and uncle, jointly. We each have been getting solicited to sell our individual interests in that 25% collective interest. 1 aunt and the uncle accepted their offer without advising the other 2 of us. As the executor of the will, it was my determination and agreement from the rest that the 50 acres surface property and mineral rights could not be broken up as set forth by that will. The geologist/buyer indicated that the abstractor didn’t note that language but the title company would do their due diligence. From a financial standpoint and based on the previous lease agreements, it would not be a lucrative decision to sell any part of our 25% mineral rights interest.

As the overseer of the estate, and the most financially competent one in our group, what rights do the other 2 of us have and can the will be misinterpreted by the title company in the benefit of the company offering to buy those 1/16 rights from the other 2?

Also, what’s the purchase/lease market look like per acre in the Grant Town area?

The title company is a “fault”. I assume that the will was filed of record. Also the buyer’s title is not valid.

@Jimmeyking I’d consult with an attorney to make sure that the will is stated how you believe it to be.

We recently made an offer for $5000/mineral acre in that area, but factors such as well activity and exact location need to be taken into consideration.

@Mineral_Owner5 - bold claim stating the buyer’s title is not valid when you haven’t read a single instrument in this chain of title.

What’s the basis for that statement?

There’s no basis. He makes false statements without consequence and then moves on to the next thread. Rinse and repeat.

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