John R Haley Survey royalty percentage rate

I received an offer for 1/5 percent of royalties for some property that I just inherited with family in the above referenced survey. I was told by an attorney friend that 1/4 is pretty standard. Does any one else have a lease near this survey? Very new to this.

Margaret, Welcome to Mineral Rights Forum.

Do you happen to have a Section or Abstract number to go with the survey name?


Clint Liles


After some searching I found the Abstract is A-273. There are some VERY GOOD Cotton Valley gas wells in this area. For instance well 365-38284 Completion Report shows 10,001,000 feet gas per day'

Link to Completion Report on well 365-38284:

Seems as though the major operators in this area are Memorial Production and Amplify Energy.

Located on the Shelby & Panola County line.

GIS Map of Panola County John R Haley Survey/A-273 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

A-273? There are 51 acres. Amplify is wanting to lease the rights.

Thank you for

Hi Margaret,

It seems that we are distant cousins :) She was my great grandmother Maggie's sister.

The same lease is sitting on my desk. I have done some research on this and other mineral rights she owned.


Hi Margaret my family has also received the same offer for the same survey A-273 My Great Grandfathers Mother was Lavena who was Gussies Sister.

We are also unsure of the % being offered and the terms or liability’s involved.

Were you able to find out any other information ?

I noticed another distant relative replied to you and I will reach out to her also.

Thanks Mary

Hello Margaret my name is Karen (Wahlberg) Smith and my Grandmother Opal was a niece of Gussie's. After signing my lease for Amplify I was sent an offer to purchase my "mineral rights" by a company out of Denver Colorado by the name of AEGIS Energy Partners and was wondering if you too have received such an offer.

Hi there, my name is Diane and my family too has been offered money to sell mineral rights to land in panola county section a-273. My mom was Loveland buy an aunt and her name we were told was Gussie. What was your Gussie’s last name? And I’d like to know is if we are somehow related?