John R Haley Survey royalty percentage rate

I received an offer for 1/5 percent of royalties for some property that I just inherited with family in the above referenced survey. I was told by an attorney friend that 1/4 is pretty standard. Does any one else have a lease near this survey? Very new to this.

Margaret, Welcome to Mineral Rights Forum.

Do you happen to have a Section or Abstract number to go with the survey name?


Clint Liles


After some searching I found the Abstract is A-273. There are some VERY GOOD Cotton Valley gas wells in this area. For instance well 365-38284 Completion Report shows 10,001,000 feet gas per day'

Link to Completion Report on well 365-38284:

Seems as though the major operators in this area are Memorial Production and Amplify Energy.

Located on the Shelby & Panola County line.

GIS Map of Panola County John R Haley Survey/A-273 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

A-273? There are 51 acres. Amplify is wanting to lease the rights.

Thank you for

Hi Margaret,

It seems that we are distant cousins :) She was my great grandmother Maggie's sister.

The same lease is sitting on my desk. I have done some research on this and other mineral rights she owned.


Hi Margaret my family has also received the same offer for the same survey A-273
My Great Grandfathers Mother was Lavena who was Gussies Sister.

We are also unsure of the % being offered and the terms or liability’s involved.

Were you able to find out any other information ?

I noticed another distant relative replied to you and I will reach out to her also.


Hello Margaret my name is Karen (Wahlberg) Smith and my Grandmother Opal was a niece of Gussie's. After signing my lease for Amplify I was sent an offer to purchase my "mineral rights" by a company out of Denver Colorado by the name of AEGIS Energy Partners and was wondering if you too have received such an offer.