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Is anyone else under lease to Samson Lone Star?

No. I have recently received an inquiry from a landman on Samson's behalf.

We Negotiated our lease with J. mark Smith & Associates. 3 hear lease, 1/4 royalty and $300 Net Mineral Acre Bonus. Hope this helps! What area of Jefferson Cou th?

3 year lease!

My lease recently expired and is not being renewed by Ballard Exploration. I have the mineral rights to 5.119 acres in Wescalder Fig Acres. Does anyone know of another company leasing in Beaumont right now?

I am still looking to lease my 5.119 acres in Westcalder Fig Acres Subdivision, a part of the A. Savery League, A-46.

Any help would be appreciated.

Anything going on in Jefferson County? Have an offer to lease, wondering what a typical bonus is these days.

I haven't heard anything from anyone wanting to lease my 5.1 acres in Beaumont.

My Uncle who passed away in 2012 and my Father who passed away in 2009 were receiving royalties. I can find the files on Texas files, but have no idea how to proceed with finding out what’s going on with the payments. Any ideas would be helpful.

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