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I started this group because the recent Alpine High announcement by Apache shows it may come into the edges of Jeff Davis county. However, I expect traffic will be light in this group because of the lack of established production in the county. Anyone interested here, should also join the Reeves and Pecos county groups, as they are very active, especially Reeves.

Does anyone have or can tell me where to get information on currently drilling wells. In particular at the present moment, I am interested in progress and information on the Cody Energy#101 and #102 wells (#102 apparently just began operations. Any help from scout reports would be very helpful. This activity is in Section 42 T&P Block 57 T9S.

Reason I'm interested is I have 44 net mineral acres in a gross block of 2833 acres beginning just over 1/2 mile east of this drilling activity that is currently unleased and am interested in leasing same at a reasonable price. Also on my acreage is a completed, shut in gas well the Quicksilver #1-H Rawhide well which was a re-entry of the old Gulf 1-A Kingston well.The Quicksilver well was drilled in 2006. They kicked out of the old Gulf well in the Barnett shale and drilled horizontally to the northeast, ran pipe, perforated, fracked and set production tubing. Well was never produced and their lease on on my acreage expired of its own terms. Would appreciate any information and interest,

Dave Butler

Newest update from Apache on Alpine High development.

Hello To All,

Has there been any word on upcoming work in or near the Green Valley Acres area?

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