Jaybee statement

Does anyone know what the column named other is about on the monthly statement from Jaybee oil and gas?

It’s deductions of some sort. JayBee’s lease gives them the right to take out the Dominion gathering rate, and I’m sure they’ll say that’s what it’s for, but the dollar amount seems a little high to me on the check stub I’ve been looking at.

Thanks for answering. Jaybee will not explain what they are doing isn’t there a law that requires them to explain what deductions they are taking from all of us land owners? What can I do please help they are doing this to everyone in our pack

The law requires the lease to list the deductions and a method for calculating them before the company can take deductions. If they’re not listed, no deductions. They should be willing to list which deductions they’re taking out. If not, they can’t show that they’re taking out the deductions that the lease allows. Gotta be able to show they’re taking out only deductions the lease allows.

How can I find out how much money jbee reported payed to me as royalties in 2019 to the state of Wv by tract and well name