Jaybee Gorby Well

We have a couple of legs that went into production 11 months ago on the Gorby pad and was wondering how long after production does Jaybee send out division orders. I have sent a few emails to Jaybee and have had only 2 responses of "we are working on it " and that was 2 months ago now. All i can say is that Jaybee is a PITA getting any information from them. I was wondering if anyone on here had recently received division orders and how long after the well went into production did you receive them.

A couple of scenario’s here, your net mineral acreage is very small and royalties are not equaling a certain amount for DO or payment right now or you may have executive rights only. The right to sign a lease and collect a bonus but not royalties. There would be an NPRI in the title. That’s something you want to confirm with the operator, Jay Bee.