Jaybee Gorby Well

Has anyone heard how long it is taking for Jaybee to send out division orders? We have a well that has been in production for 11 months and have not received anything. Just curious if anyone else had anything like this happen to them.

Need to provide some information, like State, County and survey/legal description for someone to help you.

A couple of scenario’s here, your net mineral acreage is very small and royalties are not equaling a certain amount for DO or payment right now or you may have executive rights only. The right to sign a lease and collect a bonus but not royalties. There would be a NPRI in title. That’s something you want to confirm with the operator, Jay Bee.

Our net acres are definitely not small on this property as my 2 uncles and i own 100% of the minerals on this property. I know we have other legs on the property and my interest is .01 in the royalty percentage. Im not sure why they are taking so long to send out the division orders because no one has received them.

If that is the case, You may want to send a certified letter requesting them to provide more information. You can also go to the Tyer County Courthouse IDX Search IDX Search Tyler County and double-check the DPU (Declaration of Pooling and Unitization) recorded by Jay Bee for that unit. They may have not added you to the unit and/or some of the acreage. If you can’t get a response from Jay Bee after sending them a certified letter, You may want to contact an oil and gas attorney as well located in West Virginia.

What im trying to find out is how long it is taking Jaybee to send out division orders?

Only Jay Bee will be able to tell you that. Everyone’s mineral interests are different and how they put mineral owners in pay status.

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