Jax Investments llc

Has anyone dealt with this company? Looking to lease mineral rights and can't find much about the company that contacted us.

We had a call from them a couple of months ago about our property in Kingfisher making an offer but we weren't interested at the time. Told the fellow I'd let him know if we ever change our minds. I checked every place I could think of for info on them but found nothing. We've had similar offers from about half a dozen outfits that we've never heard of and also could not find info on. I think there are a lot of very small outfits looking to flip leases or sales on mineral rights. Unless you live in the area or know someone who can check things out for you it's pretty difficult to verify if these guys are legit or not. Maybe someone else has heard of them.

Thank you for your response. What I did find is that they work out of their home. So I am sure you are correct. Is it normal to not include the bonus in a contract? The bonus is only mentioned in a cover letter that is signed digitally.


The bonus per acre is not a standard part of the Oil & Gas Lease. JAX should have included a check or more commonly a bank draft along with the OGL.

What is the legal description for your minerals and how many acres do you represent? Check around before you decide what to do and make sure you get a lease form to your liking before you sign up.

Todd M. Baker


Have dealt with them. Very positive experience. Friend me and happy to chat & give you their contact info. Not appropriate for Forum posting.

Landman may work from home, which many do, but JAX has partners, there are company offices, etc. I did a sale via JAX, not a lease, and excellent to work with.

Thank you, I have their contact information. I just wanted to hear from someone that has dealt with them before.