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Where do I check the specific details on any possible drilling in Jackson county, texas?

There is a video tutorial on the home page on how to navigate the RRC website.

I'll kick off the forum ................

I'm looking for information regarding activity in the Lolita field, recent or historical, what the operators are up to, etc.

My name is Todd Lanphere I am the owner and operator of 374 acres of land in the West Ranch field. My acreage backs up to the Industrial Independent School or the ISD. We are located in Jackson County TX. We are less then ½ mile from downtown Vanderbilt TX. I am writing this article today as a concerned citizen for the safety of my workers, the landowner, the citizens of Vanderbilt TX and most importantly the Industrial School in Vanderbilt TX. Hilcorp is actively seeking a permit to flood the West Ranch field. This operation is a Billion dollar CO2 Enhanced oil recovery operation. They are also partners with NRG, JX Nippon, BP, Petra Nova and TCV. They and their partners have promised the Department of Energy that they own or control all of the reservoir space in order to safely contain the CO2. This is not a true statement. (We have maps disputing this and they are public record maps in the Decision to grant $167million dollars to this same said project) They are actively seeking permits at the Texas Railroad commission and plan to move forward with this flood without being able to control, maintain and monitor this toxic CO2 that they are going to use to flood both their lease an Phere’s lease with water and CO2. The problem is without owning all of the acreage involved there is no possible way to safely monitor CO2 or maintain or sequester the CO2 safely. This flood if not contained properly will not only damage property, hurt drinking water but it will also take away the ability for any other operators to safely extract the oil that is in place. Hilcorp is on record opposing to the Texana Groundwater Conservation District to being mandated to monitor CO2 for this project. Really doesn’t make sense if they are trying to safely test the World’s largest CO2 flood you would think they would go above and beyond. At minimum they should allow Texana access and authority to monitor. Furthermore they need to control the entire EOR area. So not only do they not want to be required to monitor their lease they have no way of monitoring the other 374 acres that they don’t control.(Phere’s lease) We have been neighbors of Hilcorp and they have been planning this project for years. We are the little investor trying to live the South Texas dream of making it in the oil field. We are the small mom and pop producers trying to do the correct thing. We will be harmed. The community will be harmed. The safety of this flood depends on Hilcorp doing the right thing and controlling the entire reservoir and monitoring the entire reservoir. We are concerned that they have made promises to obtain a DOE grant and investments from JX Nippon and NRG in access of $1,000,000,000.00. Why won’t they protect Vanderbilt TX the people they claim will benefit from this flood in taxes? Hilcorp are the same people that are going to risk contamination of their drinking water, safety of their children and the town. One would think they would want to go the extra mile and not cut corners.

This will hurt or harm a lot of people in Vanderbilt TX if not properly maintained and supervised. Hilcorp has over 30 problem wells and has no plans on protecting the interest of the drinking water the people of Vanderbilt and especially the small neighbor. If the Rail Road approves this because of the “clean energy” they will indeed be moving CO2 from big city Houston to small town Vanderbilt TX and then if they don’t buy my lease and control the reservoir they will release the same CO2 in Vanderbilt through my wells and the other 30+ wells they have not contained/obtained or properly plugged.


Todd Lanphere

Thank you Mr. Dentzer. I appreciate the information.

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