JackFork Land - Lease Offer

Hello All! I received a letter from JackFork Land regarding a well proposal on behalf of Gulfport. Horizontal well in from the surface section 27-4N-6W to a bottom hole loading in section 2-3N-6W. Depending on royalty ranges from $0 - $1600/nma 3 year lease.

Has anyone else received a letter?

One of my brothers received a letter yesterday. Guessing my letter is in the mail.

Are those offers for the Angela South wells? Those wells are already in drilling mode. Or something new? Section 2-3N-6W was pooled in November 2023. Sec 3 was pooled in January for the same options.

$1600 1/8th, $1350 3/16ths, $1000 1/5th, $0 1/4. Many of us would have chosen the highest royalty. Bonus would have been insignificant.