Jack County Texas Barnett Shale

I am trying to find out the going rate per mineral acre bonus.

Hi Candie -

I have some friends leasing in Jack County right now and will be happy to ask them for you.

Where is your land and how much land is it? Do you have the legal description or at least the Survey(s) it is in?


Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

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Candie, I am currently in the process of leasing my Jack County Minerals. I have waited longer than my neighbors to see how high they will go. I started with three companies bidding and now there are two. Some of my neighbors signed for 125 ac bonus and one for 250 ac. I am hoping it will go higher. Let me know what you hear and if anyone is offering more than 20 percent royalty. Bill