J E Heintz Lease, 1944 - 6N 21E Sec15

Looking for information on this lease, specifically percentage holders. I’m new to this, a new trustee for an old trust whose oil&gas leases have been lost over the years. Sheridan Oil claims we have an account on this lease but say it may take a year for them to get it sorted. So I’m Nancy Drewing it. Thanks for your help or advice.

Are you talking about a well called the J.E. Heintz #1 drilled in the SE4 of the SW4 of 15-6N-21E? It was completed in 1951. Sheridan owns this one. Still online, so probably the one you are interested in. The lease would be filed at the county courthouse in Beaver County. The digital files do not go back that far, so you would need to get a landman to find it or visit yourself and pull the files for that time frame.

There is also a Heintz B-1 well drilled in 1977 in the SW4 of the SW4. Last production was in March 1995. LC owns this one.

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That’s it! The county clerk was helpful but told me the same thing you did-- that I’d need a landman to research it. I guess I’ll wait for Sheridan to call me back, even though they said it could take a year. (?)

Ms Barnes, I love your bio and reading answers you’ve given to other questions. I have inherited a small portfolio of oil & gas leases as a trustee. Any threads you’d recommend on this Board for quick learning of mineral rights management. Books? Where can I read about the value of creating an LLC for the portfolio? And finally can I find NARO classes in San Diego CA? Thanks again! Miss Foy

Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of good information here. The first place is to read the Mineral Help tab at the top. NARO is a font of information. There is a California chapter, so they do have annual meetings (I think). I just got back form the OK one which is held in May. If all your properties are in OK, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission has some good info. There is a great book called “Look before you Lease” by Jim Stafford. It used to be on the NARO website, but I think you can order it on Amazon as well( if NARO sold out at the convention). NARO has a UTube video called Minerals Management 101 which can be helpful. If you have particular questions about an area, post the question on the forum under the state, county, section-township-range or other legal description. Use the search magnifying glass at the top right to do a search before you do as someone else may have already asked the same thing.