It's not as bad as you think

It’s taking me awhile, but I have explored this site in-depth enough to find out it’s idiosyncrasies and how I can now use it in a different, and perhaps better, way than the old site.

If I ever find time, I will create a YouTube video showing how I navigate the new site and perhaps it will give others an idea on how they can use this format to their benefit.

Best wishes,

Buddy Cotten


@Buddy_Cotten thanks much. It is our firm conviction here that this platform will serve the entire community far better than the last - notwithstanding the fact that it will take people some time and effort to learn how to use it well, and acknowledging that we as the management are learning ourselves to some degree.

This has to this point been primarily a labor of love, and thus everyone that has benefited should be thankful for the few paying advertisers who have helped sustain things. There are going to be (and must be) new alternatives for people to sponsor pages, place image ads, text ads, etc. coming. The old platform did not easily allow for managing this type of thing, and this one will.

For all to know, we are (usually daily) making changes - some large, most small - that improve the site, most of which come as a result of listening to Users who have specific, articulated arguments for their wants. In other words, for those stating things like “this stinks” etc. they get, shall we say, the ‘proper’ attention. :wink:

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Mr.Cotton… it will take me a while to figure it out. My main problem: I can’t figure out why it is taking me so long to understand the changes… I don’t even know what questions to ask to make it more understandable. I’ll get there eventually. hopefully before more changes come.

Hang in there, Jack!!

First thing that I do on the main page is click the 'Latest" button. That brings me up to date, like the sidebar on the old site.

They tell me that they are making improvements all the time.


Thanks… I won’t give up Jack

Simply go to your personal preferences and you can set your default homepage to “Latest”.

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That would be great Buddy. It has to be pretty simple for me to follow I’m sorry to say!