Issues with Gulfport and Camino

I have been trying for over a year to get payment owed to me from Gulfport for May, June, July of 2018 and Gulfport’s part of the well they own after sale to Camion for Dec 2018, Jan and March 2019. I have called both companies more than I can count and each time they will have someone else look at the issue and get in touch. Anyone have any suggestions or tips on resolution or just even how you speak to someone that can solve this issue.

When I have issues like this, if I call, I follow up with a certified return receipt letter to document that someone actually received it. I mention who I spoke with on the phone, date, time, etc. Also owner number and description of the legal and well name. Document, document, document. Remind them of their statutory mandate to pay interest and that might get them moving faster.

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