Is Uncategorized going to be a Category

Is "Uncategorized" going to be a Category?

Possibly… this is an overall site usage question that has arguable answers either way. What’s your opinion?

Tough question. I see it having a chance at being a catch-all for some that are too lazy to post in the appropriate category. This could result in a lack of organization. If the posts were subsequently moved to the correct category it might be useful for those that simply do not know which category it would best fall under.

I’m not sure of the features available with Discourse. I have seen forum software that would leave an expiring link to the location the thread was moved to. So if they went back to the uncategorized area looking for the expired thread, a link would be there for 3-7 days pointing them to the correct area.

Whatever is the default on the dropdown will get a bunch of topics in it just because it is the default. That is unless that category is restricted where they cannot post in it.

I can see pros and cons both ways. Again, tough question, it just depends on how content would be treated once it was there.

I generally am in favor of disabling “uncategorized”.

The original thinking is that if you have to select a category it’s one more impediment to being able to post a message. There are many categories to post in, so I think that it may, in fact, be a huge hassle for someone to figure out what category to post in.

Level 3 users can recategorize topics, so that can help out.

That’s not the way that it works in Discourse. However, if you like or reply to a post, you’ll get notifications about it, so it doesn’t really matter what category it’s in.