Is this a normal occurrence in fracking?

I own a royalty interest in the Dallas 213 Unit 1H Tx Ward County (Sec 213 Blk 34). It was brought online in April 2020 by Luxe Drilling, later was sold to Colgate. October 2021 gross volume from gas, oil, and NGL was 65,213. November the unit was shut-in I was told to protect it from a well that was being fracked next door and they would reopen it in December. So in December the gross volume from gas, oil, and NGL was 38,887, a reduction of almost half. January 2022 gross volume from same was 31,1642, February 25,670. I called Colgate to ask about the continued reduction in production and was told that when the other well got completed the production on the Dallas 213 would pick back up.

That sort of thing can happen. Sometimes the wells that were shut in recover fully and sometimes they do not. Time will tell.

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