Is there any Projection of Activity in 15-7N-5W Grady Co

Trying to see if there is any projection of activity at 15-7N-5W and if so who is looking to drill in that area? Thank you, GS

Welcome to the Forum. Ovintiv has six pending cases at the OCC. Increased density. Two more horizontal wells requested. Five horizontals already exist.

You can look them up and get all the details.

If you are a mineral owner, make sure that your name and address and title documents are properly filed with the clerk of deeds in the Grady County courthouse. You should have had mailings on all of these cases starting back in August. Send your name and address to the attorney listed on the cases as a back up.

2022-003511, 2022-003513, 2022-003514, 2022-003515, 2022-003516, 2022-003517

Martha–You mentioned in a different post and I can’t find, but you suggested a web site for a DO that you suggested we use rather than the one that an oil company sends. 'Would mind reposted that site. Thank you for all the good information you give to us. John Mann

Never too late to learn new things. I just finished watching the NARO webinar on OK division orders. The takeaway is DO NOT SIGN them and they had excellent reasons for why not. So I recommending that NARO members watch it. Free for them. $25 for non members. Two very experienced OK attorneys with extensive litigation experience go behind the scenes as to why not to sign even the NADOA form. I have some homework of mine to undo some of the ones I have signed in the past to better protect my family.

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