Is there any leasing activities in RogerMills county this year? 2016?


Are there any good leases in Roger Mills 17N-25W since the price of Oil is down, things were real active for the past 6-8 years, offering good leases, I realize Oil prices are down, but I was wondering if anyone is getting

lease offers, or everything just kind of at a stand still for now? Is is proper

to ask the names of companies leasing, on this site or should I find that somewhere else. I do not want to go outside of the boundries of this discussion group.



I see one new lease for $750 in sec. 36 on 4/18/16 also new well in sec. 12 4/27/16 ip 160 bopd and 230 mcf

hope this helps


Thank you for the information, it is very helpful. Can you share with me what web

page(www. ???)

you found this information on, so I will be able to research it now and in the future

Thank you