Is there any activity in t1210n

Is there any activity inT12N10

Not sure where you are talking about!

Track 12N10W60 in Weld County. The mad dog area. They gave all of us track numbers

I didn’t get the paperwork out so I hope I have those numbers right. Thank you for your time.

Sorry, but your legal description still doesn’t make sense. There will be a Township (N/S), a Range (E/W) and a Section Number. T12N works for the Township, but there is no Range 10W in Weld County. There is also no such thing as a Section 60. Sections are numbered 1 to 36.

There was some leasing, but after all the changes in Colorado this year I don’t think it’s as active now. A lot of companies left, prices decreased.

Good to know. We wondered why we didn’t get any offers this year. Thank you.

OK. I dug out the paperwork and this is the description. Township 10 North Range 60 West section 8. N/2 I hope that is what you need. My wife signed papers for a test well in section 10 in 2018 and we haven’t heard anything since. Would be very grateful if you could enlighten us with any news.

PETRA0103151425.pdf (84.9 KB)

This map shows your tract in yellow. Unfortunately there is nothing going on nearby. There were several wells permitted in the area some years ago but these permits all expired without ever being drilled. The nearest productive wells are about 5 miles east of you and they are very poor producers, which is most likely the reason for lack of interest in the area. I wish I could be more encouraging, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope for any activity in the foreseeable future.

I would like to thank you for your time. It was very helpful.

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