Is there a well going through my land?

My family and I own mineral rights in Howard County titled as follows: “Section 34, Block 31, Township 1 North, T&P RR Co. Survey, Howard County, Texas, NW/4, E/2, and SW/4 Tracts.” I got wind yesterday that a well is being run through our land by the former leaseholder, despite the lease having expired July 31 of 2020. I’ve had a few nibbles for a new lease but nothing worth mentioning, which was not surprising, considering the political climate. How do I go about finding out if there has, indeed, been a well bored without a lease in effect?

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Below is the Railroad Commission’s map of your area. The part I think you described as your family’s mineral rights is outlined in red. If that’s right, for easier reference you might refer to it as Abstract 1147.

The map doesn’t show any newly approved permits or recent drilling that crosses Section 34. The recent well that came closest to you was completed by Hannathon Petroleum in August, 2019 in what they called the Levelland 22-27 Unit. That unit starts at the north boundary of Section 34 and extends through the next two sections. The green dot shown just above the northwest corner of Section 34 is the point where the horizontal leg of that well terminated. It may be the well you heard about since the plat filed with the permit shows it terminated 100 feet north of Section 34…

You’ll also see a drill site over in Section 33, just west of the northwest corner of your Section. Ovintiv USA just got permits approved to drill three horizontal wells there in what they are calling the Big Horn Unit.

If you want to see the full map here’s a link to RRC’s online site

Is that a separate website or do you mean the Howard County area of Mineral Rights Forum. When I went there, it told me this post was similar to the one I have already posted.

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