Is there a way to do a Royalty search?

I was willed several Royalties, but know there may be more, is there any way to conduct a US wide search? Thank you.

If you want 100% satisfaction that there are royalties in suspense or there are none, you're not likely to get there. However, I would suggest that you search

If the royalty owner does not cash his check or the mail gets returned, or something similar, then companies are obligated to place the money with the unclaimed property fund of the state where the owner was known to last live. So, if he lived in Oklahoma, then the money should be sent to the state treasurer's unclaimed property fund. Oklahoma, and several other states, have the unclaimed or lost money listed on However, many states don't belong to this service, so you will need to check the states where the well was located, where your relative last lived and even Delaware, because many companies send the money to Delaware, which is where the company is incorporated.

Now, if the suspended funds are less than a year old, or the company doesn't pay attention to the law, they may not have sent the funds in.

Once you determine that funds are in a state office, then you will want to contact the company who sent the funds in, so you can be placed in line for payment.

In each state, the office of the unclaimed funds acts through a different office.

In short, you will probably have to check a lot of states.