Is our well productive?

My siblings and I inherited mineral rights in Bottineau County, ND Section 14, township 162, range 80, field south Westhope. I think the operator is Rockallen Energy. It was Petro Harvester. When I do the oil and gas search it says “no well surface location found”

Can you please help us figure out if this well is still producing. We each got a small check three years ago but nothing since. Thanks! Julie

The last well in that section was the Clark 1-R which produced 1975-until July 2018. 31 Operating LLC

Before that it was the Russell R Smith 1 1957-Feb 1961. Cardinal Petroleum.

Do either of those ring a bell?

Yes. Russell was my Grandfather and Clark is my maiden name. It was my mother and father, Clarence and Virginia. We did heirship affidavits upon their deaths and this was recorded with the Bottineau county recorder on June 14, 2016.

Are you seeing my name on anything? Julie Mater Is the well producing?

I am so thankful for this forum!!

Looks like the last production was in 2018.

I still need help with this. We either want to sell these mineral rights or if we have this “asset” we feel it should be in our trust, just like real estate.

I sent the county recorder received an heirship affidavit which the oil company required. We did receive one check from Petrol Harvester in Sept. of 2016. I thought that meant it was deeded to us. But the recorder says no.

How do I go about getting my and my siblings names on the deed? Also, if we want to sell these mineral rights to the person that bought the land can you help me find out who that was? Thanks!

Suggest you contact one of the attorneys listed in the directory. You are probably going to have to probate the estates in order to transfer the title. The title has to be clean to sell. You can find out who bought the surface by contacting the county courthouse. They may have a digital online listing or you may have to call. In North Dakota, they have a dormant minerals statute. If you do not claim the minerals every 20 years (if non productive), they revert back to the land owner. Not a lot of drilling in Bottineau. The current well has ceased production.