Is my land being used for production

i have mineral rigths in tyler county wv and i wonder how do i know what is going on with the land when i live in another stae

Do you know where this is in the county?

mead district, Shirley pad.

opps well, thats mine… just got the five year check from cnx, which had told me they had traded my contract… these are some shady people. love the, ( find the contract under the shell ) game.

Do you have any documentation on the mineral rights? An old deed? A lease? A will? There’s drilling in Tyler County, but not everywhere. You’ll need to gather some more information before you can figure out where the property is.

I too have an Oil and Gas lease covering 74 gross acres in a land situate more or less in the McElroy District, Tyler County West Virginia (my folks came from Clarksburg), dated March 7th 1972, recorded in Lease Book/Page 192/68. But on another page it says “being of record in Deed Book 193 , Page 68 of the land records of Tyler County” - ODD there’s a discrepancy in my request to modify/pooling.

Anyway I have no access to any lease nor info, as the execution of my Dad’s will was handled by a (angry at the time) sibling and no inheritance was ever sent my way, nor info as to any claims or holdings. Should I have been getting payments since my dad passed nearly 20 years ago? HOW do I find what we have and where? Sure hate to sign anything without first having some idea. What can I do?

dang, if the first lease stated heir div. then i would say yes… what you are talking is a matter for leo’s.