Is MineraliQ+ Worth the cost?

Is anyone using MineraliQ+? It is $199 a month. I am thinking about subscribing but want to get anyone’s thoughts on it.

For $199/mo, no I doubt it’s worth it. I have MineraliQ, just double checked the pricing because it was $11.99/mo a few months ago. The price I see is still $11.99/mo, see pic below.

Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 1.12.40 PM

Is your pricing really showing $199/mo? Will you please take a picture so I can see it?

Sounds promising, Please add additional info if available.


I posted this in response to a similar question.

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It’s my understanding that MineraliQPlus now includes some features that started out on the free platform. They are good features that I now miss. If I didn’t already have another software vendor that I have invested 8 years and loaded all my documents I would use it—I am a big fan of Enverus.

I use MineralWare as a part of my system to manage 300 properties located in 7 States. They can download and process all of your data from Enverus and process it into functional reports. You can also upload pdf check details for processing. I believe IQ+ provides this service also, but MineralWare is a little more cost efficient from my history. There is only minimal document storage and lease tracking functions in MW and IQ+; therefore, I use a different solution for this purpose that also provides contact management integration. I use the MW drilling/permit/records/production information, but I do not use the enhanced rig data. It is a pretty good system. The base cost of IQ+ will definitely increase if you do very many pdf uploads. If you just a few properties and are a little tech savvy, I would do the excel downloads, create corresponding pivot tables, and use the State data that is available for free. I looked at several systems before I went with MW. To be fair, Mineral IQ+ was still being developed at that time and Mineral IQ was not an acceptable option. It all comes down to the value of your time, your mineral value, efficiency, and accuracy requirements.