Is it true what I hear about Consol?

Hi everyone, For one that has mineral rights interest in some Vertical and Horizontal wells in Doddridge that has been leased out to Consol, it's time for a little concern. I usually receive monthly checks for a couple of vertical wells that has been on-going on for several years, last month received check that usually comes in around the first of month, this month nothing- so far, so I tried calling Consol using two telephone numbers both numbers have been disconnected. I have talked with Jena Richards at 304-884-2238, (always been helpful) and another number 866-855-0518. Anyone have any input on this post??

My sister gets checks in the mail from Consol, and received one this week. Mine is direct deposit, and it came a few days before that. They are still there. I haven't tried to call them for some time.

Ritchie County.

Please let us know what you find out.

I got a check late last week, auto deposit, for 2 vertical wells. I emailed a question to them and got a quick response.

I can always count on a quick reply from the best people on earth. I have several numbers, I got one ring but no one came to phone, but since some of you have received checks this month perhaps I am acting too soon, could be $ was under a hundred bucks, never has been, but with today's prices ?????. Thanks again for reply.

Hi Arnold, hope your summer is good. Consol HQ is in Canonsburg, PA near me and they are staffed well albeit layoffs have occurred. I heard 600 contractors were let go over the summer.

For pipeline work, you might recall our phone conversation a couple months ago; and that was given a green light. The ROW agreement for their 24" line through me is being processed and they stated payment due in 60 days.

Thanks Ancel, at least some of Consul's people are still around. I called several WV tele #s and got >number is no longer valid. Called one in penn, and got a ring but no one answered. I have heard lots of news that Nobel is buying them out, but you know how rumors are.

some numbers for you my friend,

CNX in Jane Lew, WV 304.884.2073/2022/2029...good people there..

CNX Investor Relations, Canonsburg, PA...724.485.4000 (Laurie picks up; Jane Young has public relations, Nathan has Investor relaitons...also, 724.485.4412/4202


I haven't heard that rumor, Arnold. Thanks for posting it. Interesting....

Thanks Ancel for the numbers.

Rumors or Truth, Folks I am really not blowing smoke, have been reading about CNX for awhile, note the following read:


Discussion Forum -

Rumors claim CNX/Consol has laid off all of its Oil & Gas people-will sell O & G interests to Noble!

Thanks for the link Arnold. Very interesting.

Ancel, Thanks for the numbers, the one that finally worked was the 304-884-2073, Brandy Kelley can and did help me with my Royalty Check problem, seems like I only had $47.00 in my account. I talked with another person their and he said lack of Money in account could be for a lot of reasons, so I asked him the million dollar question- WHAT IS THE STATUS OF CONSOL? His answer, was they are living day to day, they have had lots of lay-offs, in other words NO COMMENT AND WHO CAN BLAME HIM.

Thanks for that information Arnold. Big story for those of us leased to them.