Is it time to count heads on this board and form our own PAC?

After reading about the amount of lobbying efforts the O&G production companies are putting into lobbyists, PAC funds for lawmakers and for those states where judges are elected, into their campaign chests, I wonder if it would not be of our benefit to form our own PAC, complete with lobbyist to represent our viewpoints to legislative candidates, gubernatorial candidates, judicial candidates, that our interests are not left on the side of the road to rot like throwaway trash.

Start by a formal name and address along with mailing list and phone number, a central office with a minimal staff, and a bank with a direct deposit system where we could send our yearly dues to use for the activities outlined above.

If there are not enough members on this board, then we can forget it, because we could never raise enough contributions. If there is enough readers/members, then we can fight for what is rightfully ours so that we don't end up like those people in KY and W.Va. who, a hundred and twenty or so years ago, suddenly had some coal company show up at their door tell them they may own the shack and the top of the land it was on but that was it, and these people had lived in that part of the country since almost the start of 19th century.

Our minerals are ours, and we deserve a fair price for them. Today, I read where in five years that a bbl of oil will be selling for $150. Do we still stick with 1/8th royalty with division orders or pooling that divides our lands to dilute our royalties even more?

There is no red flag hanging over our land, and no corporate anthem like they have in Japan that we all have to dance to, so if you think what I am saying has any validity, I hope you contribute to this conversation, with your own ideas as to how we can make sure we are represented before legislatures where your money is just as good as the O&G companies.

Dear Mr. Ross,

You might want to join the National Association of Royalty Owners. Representing royalty owners in the legislative process is their mission.

As to a 1/8 royalty, as I have said before, if you agree to the 1/8 royalty, you set the price at that level by definition.