Is it possible for a mineral rights owner to be left out of a leasing agreement

I am the sole inheritor of mineral rights in Angelina County and in Wood County. I have been contacted in the past concerning the property in Angelina county but never for the two tracts in Wood County (I believe they are both in Wood County - one could be in an adjacent county). Is it possible that leases have occurred and I was left out of the loop. My understanding is that this rarely happens.

The title of your post is "Is it possible..." and you are referring to properties in Texas.

The short answer is Yes.

I have seen it happen time and time again.

What would be your advice as to my next course of action to verify if this has happened and if it has what I should do or if it has not what I should do to ensure that a title path to me is clear. If you would prefer to contact me personally via email or phone.

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