Is Helium in our future

I have been running into some articles about Helium lately. Is this possibly something for the future in our mineral ownership. I have never seen it in a royalty statement, not sure if it is sold now out of our natural gas. Does anybody have any knowledge on this?

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Here’s a map of where Helium is found:

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Total Helium Ltd. (TTLHF) has leased 115,000 acres in western kansas- near Hugoton field- They are focused on helium- those new wells produce helium, methane and propane. Helium is in demand all of a sudden- the tech industry needs it

Avanti (ARGYF) Energy just drilled and completed one of the largest helium wells in north america- in montana- helium is priced way higher than natural gas

I have rights in KS and OK, near locations on the map, and I get paid for HE, I have seen it on my remittances. Total Helium is working with Scout in the Hugoton.

It’s limited and irreplaceable, that is why it is so expensive. A lot of hospital machines depend on it. My dad gets so mad when he sees people with helium balloons. :joy:

I have handled some helium well cases into New Mexico and NE Arizona also.

At what depth is it found in the Hugoton?

Propane is a by product from Oil processed through the Cat Cracker.

Have never heard of Propane being natural .

How long has that been known?

Propane is a by product of Natural Gas along with several others.

NGLs (Natural Gas Liquids) include ethane, propane, butane, iso-butane, and natural gasoline

So has there ever been payments for Helium in the Midland Basin to mineral owners?