Is Chesapeake selling out to STATOIL in West Virginia?

I own leased mineral rights in Lewis County, WV. Since I live in Indiana, I occasionally check with the landsman, who works for Chesapeake, that negotiated our mineral rights with Chesapeake a few years ago. This morning I called him to get an update of any activity in Lewis County. I won't mention the district as I don't want to get him in trouble. He said that there is nothing going on due to low gas prices. However, it's rumored that Chesapeake has sold out to STATOIL. I googled STATOIL, and this is what I found out about them:

So, to paraphrase everything and create some interest in what has become of lately, stagnant natural gas news for lease owners in Central WV, STATOIL is slowly acquiring all of Chesapeake's holdings in WV. For the time being, STATOIL's primary interest is in the oil, because that's where the higher prices are.