Is "Associated Pool" same as "drilling pool"?

When I look up wells on the nm ocd oil & gas map, in the description of each well at the bottom is something called “Associated pools”.

(example: if you look up well 30-015-42103, at the bottom of the description it says: Associated Pools [53610] SAN LORENZO, BONE SPRING, NORTH)

Is that the same thing as a “drilling pool”? (the division the nm state uses to determine who gets royalties from oil production, sometimes grouping together several sections into the same drilling pool)

Or is that just the physical oil pool, and nothing to do with drilling pools?

Thank you

No they are not the same.

The Pooling orders from the New Mexico OCD is an acreage designation that includes the mineral owners in that 40 acre, 80 acre, 160 acre, 320 acre or 640 acre combination.

The Associated pool is the designation given to the Physical oil pool that is being drilled to and produced from. The name is usually designating a physical location combined with an oil zone name.

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