Is anyone familiar with Icehouse Energy and Investments LLc?

This company is offering to purchase minerals $300 per acre. Has anyone else received this offer? They have a POB in Cushing OK, and a cell phone.

Ummmmmmm.....There better at least be another zero behind the 300 if they are planning on purchasing your minerals.

But that’s just my opinion.

MD Aleman

I agree, but I've not heard any chatter on today's O/G market value.

Today's market value is what we use to sell O/G. Future value is what you use to sell minerals.

yeah, thanks for correcting that wrong description. The right word to sell minerals didn't pop into mind. It's Christmas, I'm behind, tired, and chasing down a deceptive rabbit wasn't on my list.

Don’t get discouraged, I have only been in this game for about four years now. Anytime we see anyone being taken advantage of we will speak up. It’s up to us to stick together because we are slowly being thinned out. So don’t hesitate to ask any question. Martha has a wealth of knowledge and we are blessed that she shares it with us. Sorry if I came across as brash.

Jodean, $300 per acre is a somewhat fair price per acre to lease only if you can get 1/4th royalty with it and don't sign an extension to lease. And I never recommend selling minerals. Don't let anyone tell you there is a market price for leasing right now. Oil and gas prices haven't stabilized and until they do we don't know. Don't get in a hurry to lease and check back with us before you do.

I wish it was to lease, but, no, it's their offer to purchase minerals. This skunk smells a mile away.

No, you didn't come across brash. I handle bold honesty best. I appreciate the information I acquire from this forum. You guys have a combined wealth of information I can never acquire. I'm grateful to have a place to "ask".

I assume this is a new company, since I've not found much or any info on in my research. We have 2 companies making ridiculously low offers on three Payne County T19 R5 locations. MDS, Cleveland, OK offered $50/ac to lease & Icehouse, Cushing, OK's $300 offer to purchase.

I don't believe in coincidences. Perhaps there is a plan to drill (which locals have not gotten any wind of), and these guys are perhaps working for the same client.

I'm highly suspicious in this business. Even if I look stupid, I'm not afraid to ask questions.

So, thank you. Merry Christmas

JoDean you're not stupid because you are using your common sense to be cautious......And there are some snakes in the grass out there in the patch. Keep asking questions...that's what this wonderful Forum is about

Good luck with your minerals.


Clint Liles

Jodean, You are very intelligent and prove it by asking questions and learning. Clint is right in that there are some deceptive companies out there. We have to watch them like hawks. Always check back with any questions you have to make sure you are not taken advantage of.

Merry Christmas To You and Yours!

Martha McMorries