Is 1/4 royalty a stretch in Oklahoma?

The bulk of the work I do is in Texas, where a 1/4 royalty is almost a given. Recent offer from McClain Co., OK, offers 3/16 with a higher bonus, and 1/5 with a lower bonus.

Do people get 1/4 royalty at all in Oklahoma?

Most of mine are 1/8 with lower bonus. I don’t think I’ve seen 1/4 offered.

We will lease people for 1/4 on occasion, depending on the area.

I would not call it a stretch, but with force pooling in Oklahoma, 1/4 royalty is more easily avoided then it is in Texas. Most of my experience in Oklahoma (which is pretty vast) is with a lease bonus per acre and a 3/16 royalty, or the option of foregoing the lease bonus and taking the 1/4 royalty. I'm not sure if that is changing with the evolution of the SCOOP and STACK plays and the competition therein.

It depends on the county. I always ask for 1/4th. Some counties have quite nice 1/4 royalties. Others have $0 1/4th and some do not offer 1/4th at all. If it is a pure gas play, 1/4th is not usually an option. In richer gas condensate plays or oil plays, it can be.

I just received a letter (2-9-2017) from Warwick Energy Group offering 3 options: #1 - Bonus$3600/net acre for 20% (1/5), #2 - Bonus $2900/net acre for 22% (1/4.5), #3- Bonus $1850/net acre for 25% (1/4) in GRADY County. I know I posted this is McClain County discussion area, but I have seen 1/4, but it was just recently. Have some acreage in McClain county, but have not been offered anything but 3/16 there.