Investment Advisor contact for Weld and Larimer County

Greetings all,

I am interested in finding ways to network with land / royalty owners in Northern Colorado for financial planning ideas. I'm not in the habit of annoying people on web sites or in person, but am an experienced advisor with ideas on how to maximize royalty income, reduce debt, and provide financial planning for clients.

Is there a group that meets in Weld County that would I may come to introduce myself? What do land owner's on this forum do to find a reputable investment advisor once the lease's are in place? Any help would be appreciated!

For your information, I am an experienced advisor with 12 years in the markets, based out of Loveland, with experience in protecting and growing assets in these turbulent times.


Jeff Bauer

Contact information?

Per your request, I may be reached at 970-430-9745 locally.

HELLO JEFF.....I would like to visit with you about some personal business but not on a public discussion. There are no local groups or organizations that meet, to my knowledge, because most mineral heirs live all over the country, not Weld County. To my understanding and experience, most mineral rights owners are inexperienced and do not understand even the basics about what they own or how to manage the complexities of being a mineral owner......that is the main reason this forum exists, to share experiences and "war stories" on our journey. There are several experts and consultants (even some you should avoid) that visit this forum that can really help folks......ask for references and read their will know those who can help.....Thomas