Hi everyone just wanted to introduce myself, I’m David 29 years old I live in Calumet Oklahoma. I’ve got some land in section 4-13-9. Marathon drilled a well in section 2-13-9. Schweitzer 4-2H. It was drilled in July Fracked in September then flowed it back and then it just stopped, they said they got about 20,000 of the 100,000 barrels of water back and they think it just water locked on them, they have a work over rig there now with the production pipe out, we will see if they can get it going, they said after they drilled it that they thought it could be a 4-5 million a day well (not sure how they would know that). The flow back hands told me that the woodford shale up there is really a lot tighter there for some reason and that when they Fracked it they could only do 9 stages and they wanted to do 12. Anyways just wanted to say hello to everyone!

Hey David how are things going? My name is Darrin Bailey. I live in 09 14N-9W. They have a well staked in the SW of 9 14N-9W.

I think that the well they drilled on your dad's is in section 2 14N-9W. I was wondering if there was problems with it. I have seen an awful lot of activity going on there. I hope it's as good as they are predicting.

Glad to see you on the forum. There is a lot of good information here.

Hey Darrin! I’m surprised I don’t know you. I’m engaged to Jenny Miller she says she knows you. They are doing more seismographing from dads to the north and east but they aren’t laying lines this time they are boring holes and putting charges in the ground. From what I hear is that Newfield and Marathon are the ones that are paying for all this up north. Also do you know if they are trying to get a better view of the Woodford or are they looking deeper? I’ve heard both.

Congratulations to you both! I didn't know that Jenny was engaged. From what I've been told they are trying to get a second/better look at the Woodford. I have also heard also that they have drilled a test well in a deeper formation south of Calumet. Not sure on the results. It's sometimes difficult to separate fact from fiction! lol

I noticed yesterday that the other well Marathon drilled into the section just west of me (wellhead is located in section 17 14N09W) had a work over rig on it yesterday. I wonder if they are having problems with it as well.