Introducing your moderators for this Naro Category

Your moderators for this group, all NARO members, are:

@M_Barnes @Wade_Caldwell or @Rick_Howell

Please reply to this post if you have any questions or want permissions to be able to create your own Topic(s).

Thank you for re-introducing the forum. I used it frequently several years ago. I recall that Linn Willers had especially helpful advice to give. I look forward to reviewing the new topics.

Paula Kothmann Frio, Shelby Counties Austin, TX Res

The instructions for receiving e-mail alerts for a particular topic say to “click the small grey box at the top of the thread just to the right of the ‘New Topic’ button”. However, that button seems to only be available for the entire NARO Category. I can’t find it for individual topics. I don’t necessarily want to receive notification of everything that’s posted. Please advise.

The topics can be controlled individually. The control button will be at the bottom of the topic thread which will allow you to choose the options on that topic. It will look something like this depending on your settings.

Thanks. I saw that button but wasn’t quite clear because it only mentioned sending alerts when I was mentioned or replied to, not for other posts. Once I clicked on it, I can see the other options.

As a member of NARO, I would like to request permission to create topics through this forum. Thank you! Diane Thomas

Done Diane. Interested to see what you post.

Is there a forum/board within this NARO area that discusses south western PA Right of way or Easement compensation rates for gas pipelines? Thank you for any advice you can give. I am particularly interested in this subject, and wonder if there is information available. Thank you for any feedback you can give!

Try the specific county group link, below. Link

My name is Tom Huber, I am VP of NARO Appalachia and request permissions for creating topics. Thank you!

Working on it! Back soon.

As a NARO member am I going to be able to send private messages on here again or anyone explain why I can not?

I am a board member of OK NARO and request permissions for creating topics. Thanks! Montie Stewart

Working on it! Will let you know when I hear back from them.

Try it now. It should work.

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