Intestate Mineral Title Succession

My spouse died 2/10/21 and left no will. I’m the only heir. I live in Oregon and all mineral rights are in Texas. Help and thanks. Jane

Talk to a Texas lawyer. The cost can be pretty high, but the lawyers associated with this sight are pretty reliable. You might only need help from a land man, which is less expensive.

Google Intestate Succession in the State of Texas.

You may not need to do anything other than perhaps prepare an Affidavit of Heirship and file it in each of the Counties where the mineral or royalty interests are located.

If there are any producing Wells, send a certified copy of the filed affidavit to them. They’ll send you the paperwork to clear your title and put you into pay status.

Charles makes a good point that you need to understand the intestacy laws of Texas which govern the inheritance of real property. It depends on whether the minerals are your husband’s separate property or they are community property and whether he has any living descendants or parents or siblings. It would be advisable to discuss the particulars of your situation with a Texas estate attorney.

Did your husband own the minerals before your marriage, or receive them by gift or inheritance during marriage? If so, they are his separate property, and depending on the family members who survived him, they also may be heirs. BTW, did he have any children with any woman other than you.?