Interpreting Mineral Ownership


Hey all,

I’m new and am trying like all get out how to figure out exactly what I have. A few yearsago, Chesapeake leased my righta which were given to me from my late father. Going through a nasty divorce, my Ex forged my name and cashed the lease check. Moving on… I have some info on the areas that I own the rights to, but have no clue as to where, what or how to decipher such. Any and all help determining what I have would be very appreciated as I try and learn all I can.

Township 32 North, Range 71 West, 6th P.M. Section 3: SE/4 Section 10: N/2N/2


This is the viewer for WY.

This is an explanation of how to read the maps. It is for OK, but explains the surveying system.