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I have land and the Order was recommended and not protest. There was a REC–I/O 5/13/19 on the docket of 5/14/18. What does this mean? Elmer Teetzen

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The Case/Cause or Order number will help greatly for someone to assist you.

I think you are talking about 201803200. An interim order was issued. With Horizontal wells there will be some modification to the order based on the results/survey of the proposed well. After completion, the order will be modified based on the actual path of the well bore and a final order will be issued.

There has been a permit issued on the well named the Vesuvius 35-23-17 1H . It was permitted on 5/20/2018. The API number is 3515323621. Based on the permit, they have 6 months to spud the well. It is not uncommon to have a permit extension issued for another 6 months on many of these.
Here is a link to the permit rpt_ITD_Permit

As to the actual meaning of “REC–I/O”, I’m not sure, but 5/13/2019 is the scheduled date to hear the case for the final order. They are usually scheduled for 1 year by default. The OCC can explain the code if needed. Their number is 405-521-2613 . What I am actually seeing is “RECOMMENDED FOR INTERIM ORDER W/REOPEN 5/13/19”

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I thought the well would be a whole year before they started on the well. Thanks your information was what I needed to hear.

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Elmer Teetzen

Without inside info it is hard to predict when they will spud it.

You can watch for the spud report here. Search on the API (drop the 35 prefix since that is a state designation) 3515323621 = 15323621 on most OCC databases, 153-23621 on most OTC databases.

You are looking for a form 1001A to show up. The operator has 14 days to submit the form to the OCC. They usually are available in 1-10 days on the OCC site linked above. The completion report will be in the same place on a form 1002A. However, they have 30 days to submit and I have seen them take 2-10 months to actually be approved and published.

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I do have the contact # for the Landman for Chessie. He might call me when they are going to spud, if I call and leave a message with him. Like you said I can check daily and then call him about the well. Let me ask you on a Horizontal well is the Landing Spot considered the well. I have a well close to where the Landing spot is shown on what you sent me access to on the Order. Dawson Geophysical did the survey back in 2008. on my lower 80 Acres of my 160 Acres and they ran out of time to drill another well back then.

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Elmer Teetzen

“Landing point”? That will be the surface location and it appears to be near another well. The surface appears to be in section 26 with production from section 35. Rick

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Thank YOu for your information. I appreciate your help as I am in Columbus, Ohio. Thanks again

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I have one more question. When they do the Horizontal well and hit an Oil Well? It is to go to 80 Acre spacing , so the rest of the people in the total 560 Acre Spacing get the shaft Correct by that it is strictly the owner of the 80 Acres. Am I correct? I had always shared in the 5 wells in the 560 Acre spacing including mine with Oil and Gas. So without knowing much about Horizontal Wells, that leaves out the people who had been sharing before.

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Elmer Teetzen

The well will pay according to the spacing it is approved under.
This one is a little unusual as it EXCLUDES the 80 acres. It included the entire North 1/2 of the section. the entire SE 1/4, and the East 1/2 of the SW 1/4. It excluded the 80 acres located in the West 1/2 of the SW 1/4. The owners in the 80 acres will not receive production income from this new well. The will continue to receive payment of the existing wells with the 80 acre spacing of the 1/2 of the SW 1/4. The owners of the 540 acres in the N/2, SE/4, and the E2 of the SW/4 will be paid on the new Horizontal well. Thy should not be receiving any payments from the older wells in the 80 acre spacing unless they own acreage under that description also.


Dear Mr. Howell

Thank You for your help. I will not bother you any more. Nice to have somebody that has knowledge of the situation as I did not completely understand Horizontal Drilling.

Thanks Again.

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