Interim Order

I received an Interim Order granting permission for Newfield to drill a multi unit horizontal well with the surface location in the NW 1/4 of Section 1, Township 13 North, Range 6 West in Canadian County within 1 year.

The proposed location of the end points of the completion interval are in my Section which is 36 Township 14 North Range 6 West.

It also includes Section 25 Township 14 North 6 West.

Does this mean that they will do any surface work on Section 36 or will it only be Section 1

In addition, does this mean there is a good chance that they will drill or are these type of orders done all of the time?

Thank you!!!

Dewayne, the well will be spud at the surface location in the NW corner of sec (only surface location work), then it will go north into 36 and then end in 25. I have attached the color map of the well location. 50% of the well is planned to be in 36 and 50% in 25. Sometimes after the well is drilled, the percentage is slightly different. Since 36 is closer to the surface location you will usually see a higher percentage if the well pulls up shorter than planned.

The pooling order says the well is supposed to be drilled with 180 days of January 30, 2018, so looks like things will move along unless there is some sort of serious delay.

Thank you Martha! should I feel pretty confident that they will drill or do these orders get issued often without any follow through?

I was hoping for multiple wells instead of just one. Do you foresee any chance of that happening?

I emailed you a copy of the order they just entered on march 6th. I appreciate all of your help!

Given where the well is placed at the very edge of the section, they have left room for more wells down the road. They will decide after the conclusion of this well.

Thank you Martha!