Interim Order for 10-5N-5W

An interim order was issued on 01/14/2019, and was approved to advance. Will I be notified when the actually drilling starts? I cannot find a permit number so that I can look it up.

You will not be notified. With many rigs running and thousands of mineral owners, that would not be practical or economically wise from an operator’s point of view. You can watch for the actual permit and spud date at the OCC well records site.

The surface location may not be in your section, so you might have to hunt a bit in the contiguous sections.

I do not see any regulatory activity posted for 10, only 1, 2, and 12. Do you have a case number?

Case numbers are 201807078 (Spacing 3-5N-5W), 201807079 (Spacing 10-5N-5W), 201807080 (Multiunit Horizontal Well), 201807081 (Well Location Exception), 201807198 (Pooling 10-5N-5W) and 201807197 (Pooling 3-5N-5W). Both Spacing application have final orders (691601 and 691140, respectively). It appears to me the other application have been recommended… The Multiunit Horizontal Well and Well Location Exception applications will get interim orders for the drilling of the well and then final orders after the well is completed. The Pooling applications will get final orders. You can watch for the final/interim orders at the link that follows using the case numbers above.

Proposed surface hole location is in the NW corner of section 3-5N-5W.

Thanks. Was having trouble with my search engine this morning. I thought there were more out there.

Thanks for all that good info.

In the original application Camino proposed a 50-50 split between section 3 and section 10. If that is upheld will it matter where the wells are located within these sections?

Don, I am speaking in terms of what portion of the oil/gas I would be entitled to In my last post.

Yes, if the well is completed as proposed it would be a 50-50 split on the production between section 3 and section 10.

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Just wondering if you have heard any unofficial news about the well at 4-10N-10W? It spud on September 5, 2019, and I was wondering if there is any talk around Alex of what kind of well it is (good/bad). Or does that sort of thing happen?

Thanks for any news.

I don’t see a way to make this private?

It looks like there may be two wells spud from the same pad. Black Mesa 0505 3-10 1WH and Great Plans 0505 4-9 MH. They may finish drilling both of them before bringing in the frac crew. No completion news posted yet on the official sites.

Your royalties will be based upon the following:

net acres/actual spacing acres x royalty x %perforations in your section.
The original estimate was for 50/50, but the final determination will be made based upon the well survey and the starting and ending perforations for each section. The order will not be out for months.