Interested in any and all info for Blaine county

Currently own mineral rights in section 35 15n 12w along with sec 26 but unaware of exact in that location. Been receiving some offers to sell rights but very uninformed when it comes to this stuff. Any feedback or passing along knowledge is greatly appreciated.

Correction sec 35 14n 12w also 22 19n 13w

Parts of Blaine county are very active right now and likely to remain that way for a while. You might want to read over the last six months on the comment wall to catch up. Lots of pros and cons to selling, however, if I were you, I would not sell. Continental just permitted a well in your section for the Meramec, so wait until that is finished. If your section is 35-14N-12W Yocum 1-25-26XH. It spud on Dec. 1, 2015. It would be wise to do some detective work and hunt down your exact location from your mineral deed. You need to get all your documents together while the well is drilling.

22-19N-13W is quiet, but I still wouldn't sell.

Thank you very much mr. Barnes. We so far have an offer for 6000/acre and that is just for sec 35, which 8.9 acres is total owned. Is there a source for information pertaining to exact acreage that we would own mineral rights in other counties?

I accepted your friend request. Send me a message there. There are sources.

How would one go about getting a copy of a mineral deed?All my stuff is tribal.

If you know the section, township and range, that is a good start. If you know the name on the deed, that is even better. You could try the Bureau of Indian affairs to see if they have records. You can also try to get a start from the Bureau of Land Management. You can hunt down the original patent records for some areas from here.

In the end, you may have to hire a landman to do the search, but you can get a bit down the path using these.