Interest in total Production

How do I know if my interest in total production percentage is correct. When my father past his percent was divided amongst 4 of us and the the percentage now is not what it would have been if divided by 4, way less how does tht work ?

There could be many reasons. You need to be more specific. Are there producing wells? Have you received Division Orders?.

The royalty DOI is a function of the net mineral acres divided by the gross acres attributed to the well / unit and multiplied by the royalty rate. There can be other factors, such as an NPRI which is a burden reducing the royalty decimal. Your question is why the decimal has changed. It could be that the acreage in the unit has increased. It could also be an error. First step is to ask the division order analyst at the oil company for an explanation of the calculation and why the four new DOI’s total to a lower number. Most companies will have an email address for royalty owner questions. If possible, attach a copy of a check your father received and a copy of your check or division order. You can also post the name of the well, api number, state lease number and operator here and someone with knowledge of that well may be able to give you guidance. Keep asking questions because that is the best way to learn.

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