Interest in Glasscock County

I have been contacted about our interest in the below Glasscock County. Does anyone have any information on this track of land?

Harbison, S13 Blk 36, T5S SPBY DRIVER UT TR 90 ( Dean), S 13, BLK 36, T5S

Not familiar with Glascock County, but since you haven’t gotten a response I’ll pass on what I can see from the Railroad Commission.

Below is RRC’s map of that area with the Sprayberry Driver unit higlighted. It looks like those have been great vertical wells and several are still producing after 20+ years.

I’m guessing the recent contact you’ve had may be related to those horizontal wells you’ll see that have been permitted and possibly drilled in Section 12 that joins your Section 13 on the north. Two wells had been completed there by Parsley Energy but more recently Hunt Oil permitted six new wells in what they call the McDaniel B - Chriesman Lease.

I’d definitely try to get educated on what’s happening there before considering any offers.

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